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Integrative Swedish Massage Therapy
Swedish massage stimulates the circulation of blood through the movement of soft tissues using a combination of five main strokes.

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Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
This is a non-invasive treatment that offers the harmonic sounds of the bowls, which facilitate an opportunity for a deep state of relaxation, healing and integration of Ones Self.

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Distance Energy Healing
Treatment in the comfort of your own home. You have the benefit of the two of us working with you and your higher self, your helpers and guides.

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Let's take a journey together

I'm Gaia Reitan, in my 22 years of experience with sound and bodywork I've had the pleasure of sharing my joy with my clients. Together let's explore your healing potential.

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What's New and Exciting

BODY RE-TUNING: Chakra Clearing and Healing.
Be the instrument in your own healing

In this session, we are tuning into in your energy fields and chakra energy centers. You will use your own vocal power, with the reflection of my voice, to activate and clear your chakras and subtle energy bodies. This vibrational resonance tuning brings healing and freedom to “frozen” emotions in your field, without having to engage in stories that keep you stuck in a loop.

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